Lunar Expedition 1 – Day 0 – The touchdown

Lunar Expedition 1 crew before starting the mission, from left side: Grzegorz Ambroszkiewicz (Biomedical Engineer), Joanna Kuźma (Astrobiologist), Matt Harasymczuk (Crew Medical Officer), Mariusz Słonina (Vice-Commander), Dorota Budzyń (Communication Officer), Piotr Konorski (Commander). Throughout duration of Lunar Expedition 1 mission, Mariusz Slonina – vice-commander and press officer – will publish daily report of what happened on a given day during the mission.

Space Garden company builds Lunares habitat

Habitat Lunares is a simulated space base. It’s the only object of its kind in Europe, where conditions of the future base on the Moon or Mars will be simulated. The habitat is located at the former military airport in Pila. It will be opened on July 29, 2017. Four missions are planned for 2017.