Dorota Budzyń

Dorota holds MEng. in Mechanical Engineering from Wroclaw University of Technology, she also study Underground Mining at AGH University of Technology. Currently, her main project is DREAM (Drilling Experiment for Asteroid Mining) which examined the drilling output distribution in space conditions (during sounding rocket flight in March 2017, from ESA Esrange station). The project was conducted in collaboration with ESA, DLR and SSC. As a mechanical engineer, she has also experience in developing robotic arms for Scorpio (Mars rovers), and some structures for FREDE (FREon Decay Experiment) which examined the disintegration of Freon in stratosphere during its launch campaign in 2015. She was also part of the HECATE team which won ESA Moon Challange. In her proffesional life she works in Scanway and Space is More, two start-up companies, which she is collaborating in with her friends.


Dorota in 3 words? Ambitious, consistent and optimistic. Dorota never let somebody tell her something is impossible. In her free time she loves to travel, but admits that she doesn’t know if it is for sightseeing or local cuisine – she is gourmand. She also values good books and films, especially when action takes place in outer space.

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