Mariusz Słonina

Mariusz is an astronomer and self-taught full-stack software developer, experienced in high performance computing and web technologies. He graduated at the Nicolaus Copernicus University, and works in commercial space sector, at a polish start-up Sybilla Technologies, as a UX Lead and robotic observatories’ specialist. He is responsible for efficient end-user interaction with network of autonomous astronomical observatories and scientific applications. This work is conducted within the field of ESA Space Surveillance and Tracking programme, bringing the tools and technologies that will help in efficient decision making of future space traffic operators. His scientific interests includes orbital mechanics, space missions design and operations and numerical methods.


His life has been always set in the middle of three worlds: science, IT and art. He is a poet, a co-founder and member of “Piekary24” poetry group, “Tartak” art association, and the originator of “Transmisja Poetycka” art event series. He is also a passionate photographer and marathon runner, a holder of Crown of Polish Marathons. He finished basic glider course and is training to obtain a full glider pilot license at Warsaw Aeroclub. A minimalist and perfectionist, trying to show the importance of human space exploration in everyday life, that the ambition we have in ourselves, allows us to boldly go.


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