Piotr Konorski

Piotr Konorski is an astronomer and a member of international Araucaria Project. He is currently focusing on stellar astrophysics and precise distance indicators within the observable Universe. Simultaneously, he is engaged in solving scientific and social problems using High Performance Computing and advanced parallel programming techniques in collaboration with Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, Warsaw, Poland. Piotr is also a three-time winner of international hackathons in the field of advanced concepts & space data analysis. He is actively involved in developing LunAres Modular Research Station and preparations for Lunar and Martian Analog Simulation campaigns in Poland – listen to his talk at TEDx y2u.be/FXxTdlixZos. As the commander of the Lunar Expedition 1 crew, he overviews scientific and technical experiments performed during the mission.


His scientific interests were ignited early on in the childhood once having realized how much more there is to the world when our perception is equipped with even the simplest tools: microscope, telescope, stethoscope etc. His general curiosity converged on astronomy and broad aspects of space exploration. Over the years Piotr was involved in several scientific projects, including research on active galactic nuclei through X-ray satellites and accretion disks, globular stellar clusters, spectroscopic searches for extrasolar planets and mapping distances of the local and extragalactic sources, while mastering and developing various observational, mathematical and computational tools necessary to achieve the goals.


To find out more about Piotr, follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/piotrek.konorski