From left: Christiane Heinicke, Matt Harasymczuk, Aleksander Wasniowski, Lucie Poulet, Malgorzata Perycz, Szczepan Rubczyński, Marcin Kaczmarzyk, Zuzanna Sobiak.

Date: 8-22 October 2017

Mission duration: 2 weeks

Analog astronauts

  • Christiane Heinicke, PhD – (Germany) Commander
  • Matt Harasymczuk – (Poland) XO – Executive Officer | Biosystems Engineer
  • Lucie Poulet, PhD candidate – (France) Chief Engineer
  • Zuzanna Sobiak, MD – (Poland) Chief Medical Officer
  • Marcin Kaczmarzyk, PhD candidate – (Poland) Structural Material Scientist
  • Szczepan Rubczyński – (Poland) Chief Safety Officer

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Mission control

ESA ESTEC and Ventriculus Medical Center

Mission control crew:

  • Malgorzata Perycz, PhD – Flight Director
  • Aleksander Wasniowski, PhD MD – Flight Surgeon
  • Agata Kolodziejczyk, PhD (ESA Advanced Concepts Team) – Science Data Office
  • Matt Harasymczuk (ESA, decased Astronaut, now helping MCC)
  • Lucie Davidova (psychologist)
  • Wojciech Jarosz (biomedical engineer)

Mission objectives

The main objective of this analog mission is to test how a person with disability functions in a daily life in analog mission environment, to develop procedures that would be equally valid for astronauts with and without disabilities, and to test solutions serving people with disabilities in space. The second objective of the mission is to perform chronobiological studies and subjective time perception experiment.

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Mission Partners


Aleksander Wasniowski (MD) and Laboratory of Extreme Medicine (LEM) – Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

Press Release

Analog Mars mission ICAres-1 begins

ICAres-1 Podcast

Our blind analog astronaut Marcin Kaczmarzyk shares news from the mission

Photos from the mission start