Lunar Expedition 1 – Day 1 – First EVA

Lunar Standard Time (LST): 50-07-18 20:18

Dorota and Grzegorz opened the airlock hatch at 9.36 LST, which marked the first EVA (Extravehicular activity) during the LE-1. They did terrain mapping near the habitat, and it took them 32 minutes. For us, it was also the time for testing EVA procedures and equipment, which took us longer than we thought, but, at the end, giving a GO command to EVA team was kind of special for me…

Anyway, it was a day packed with biological experiments, while the key question was: are there any algaes here, in the habitat? Yes. I was doing a biological experiment too… Ok, the habitat is going well, all systems are nominal, and the crew is alive. We’re looking after the hydroponics, biospheres are ready and onions and parsleys were put to the pots. We’ll try to grow something, we are in a positive mood at least, especially after AJMYT (Advanced Jedi Master Yoga Training), which we conducted today.

Now, the crew is writing daily reports, we’re sitting in the Atrium, we are supposed to sleep…

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