Lunar Expedition 1 – Day 7 – You’ll go to the Moon…

LST Scott, 24th

Morning song:

Do you remember this lander crash few days ago? We found out, that some of its cargo could survive the accident, and the morning EVA of me and Asia was scheduled to try to take what’s possibly left at the crash site.

You’ll go the Moon, they say, there will be fun, they say.

We had to dig up the crash site, it was a tedious job, but we managed to find untouched technical cargo from the lander. Uff. Well, if you will ever ask what the astronaut daily life looks like, you have the answer.

We packed the Modernity with the charged batteries (this time we checked our checklist twice before the walk), and we tried to took some samples with its arm, at the site.

Samples are in the boxes.

We lost the rover’s sample drawer.

Eh, those astronauts.

Second EVA, of Piotrek and Grzegorz, was dedicated to waste management and preparation for Lunarthlon, a lunar olympic games we are going to participate this week. If you will ever ask what the astronauts can do on the Moon, in the scheduled time, beside playing golf, you have the answer.

Yes, we will jump. For miles and miles…

Hopefully, my new friend, Twardowsky the Witcher, will help me to win something.


We have new cockroaches on board. Last year, during Lunar Expedition 0, we were able to watch laying eggs by one of the cockroaches female. This time, we found out that little cockroaches were released from the female’s carapace. Asia said, it disturbes her experiments, but I think, she’s happy anyway.

We found out the second application of the kitchen container – LCTM, that is: Lunarthlon Chodakowska Training Machine.

We celebrated the seventh day of the mission by exchanging Advanced Yoga Training with the “Seksmisja” movie. A classic.