Meet ICAres-1 crew

Christiane Heinicke

Nationality: German
Role: Commander

Christiane Heinicke is a German physicist and engineer who has previously spent one year on simulated Mars as a member of the HI-SEAS IV crew. She holds a B.Sc. in Applied Physics, an M.Sc. in Geophysics, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Before living in the Mars base of HI-SEAS, she has visited various countries for studying and working, and she enjoys trekking in remote places like Lapland or Iceland. When at home, she plays on her piano or reads one of the latest sci-fi novels.

Most recently, she joined the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) in Bremen, Germany, where she now works on engineering aspects of future Mars bases.

Lucie Poulet

Nationality: French
Role: Chief Engineer

Lucie Poulet is a PhD student at the Institut Pascal (Université Clermont Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France), with a funding from CNES and CNRS, focusing on developing physical models to understand plant growth in reduced gravity environments. She has been working with regenerative life-support systems for over seven years, with various groups, among others, the European Space Agency and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). She already participated in three Mars analog missions.

Matt Harasymczuk

Nationality: Polish
Role: XO – Executive Officer | Biosystems Engineer

Matt works as an Engineer with the European Space Agency. He graduated from project PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut program where his main focus was on pressurized suit operations, hypoxia, human performance in micro-g and high-g environment. He also graduated with Computer Science degree and studied Aerospace and Astronautics at Polish Air Force Academy. He is a bioastronautics researcher, pilot, aerospace and software engineer, skydiver, advanced scuba diver and military combat medic (TCCC, ACLS). He helped ESA on Moon and Mars research with extraterrestial habitat and EVA operations, 3D bioprinting, photosynthetic bioink, hydroponic and aeroponic plant cultivation, polarized light influence on time perception, human time architecture and recently REACH project. Matt is also an advisory board member at India Research Centre.

Szczepan Rubczyński

Nationality: Polish
Role: Chief Safety Officer

During my Economy Studies at Łazarski Trade and Law Academy, I took a job at a company specialised in organising events during conferences. My first manager was a watersport instructor, who trained operators of Polish special forces (including ‘GROM’ and ‘FORMOZA’). For the next 12 years we cooperated with units of SAR, ‘GROM’, ‘FORMOZA’ and ‘JWK Lubliniec’.

As an employee highly dedicated to water activities, I was dispatched to secure the most demanding sea sailing competitions. I have conducted the trainings of abandoning ships and sea rescue using immersion suits and life rafts. I worked as a life guard and technical support at sailing competitions, when WOPR (Polish water emergency service) had no permission to act because of too high waves. I was trained to lead rescue operations on SIB and RIB-type boats under the toughest weather conditions. Aside from my life guard activities, I have also serviced outboard engines, wet and dry diving suits, oxygen bottles for evacuation and pneumatic lifejackets (both tactical and civilian).

In later years, I involved myself in road accident rescue performed on motorcycles. I have co-led ‘Motopozytywni’ – a project to train regular bikers into road accident first aiders.

As a hobby, I have been making knives for 14 years and I have been excited by repairing everything I could and creating something from nothing since I was a kid. When my wife and two kids allow, I also brew my own beer and intensely play squash and badminton.

Marcin Kaczmarzyk

Nationality: Polish
Role: Structural Material Scientist

Marcin Kaczmarzyk holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of English Filology.
Currently he is working as an assistant in The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Department of Building Engineering at University of Technology in Rzeszów. He is also doctoral student of Civil Engineering at University of Technology in Rzeszów and student of Physics at the University of Rzeszów working on PhD thesis “Thermal performance of lunar buildings”.

His private interests are: space exploration, meteorites, science-fiction literature, construction blocks. He member of Polish Meteoritical Society.

As a result of unfortunate accident, visually and manually impaired since 2007.

Zuzanna Sobiak

Nationality: Polish
Role: Chief Medical Officer

Zuzanna Sobiak holds Masters Degree in Astronomy from University of Poznan and Medical Doctor Degree from Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Currently she is working in Poznan Clinic of Pediatric Oncology Hematology and Transplantology as well as in Emergency Department, HCP Hospital in Poznan. She is interested in tropical medicine and in the past worked as a volunteer doctor in developing countries (Papua New Guinea, Zambia, Jamaica).

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