• isolation missions are 14 days/1 month long
  • participation costs 1500 euro per crew member
  • you may be asked to change your diet habits for the mission
  • your communication with close ones and colleagues will be limited to emails and telecoms - phones are not allowed during the mission
  • during isolation you will be provided with mandatory research schedule of the day - 30% time of work day is free-time when you can perform your personal research, work, etc.
  • during isolation mission 1-2 hours of sports daily is mandatory
  • We do not select people with any kind of phobias (i.e. claustrophobia etc.)
  • if selected you will be asked for providing medical tests
  • upon selection, a crew member can apply for Lunares Scholarship covering from 50% to 100% costs of the participation.

Minimal requirements:

  • age: 21-65 years
  • proficiency in english - near fluent
  • at least bachelor’s with experience

Lunares Scholarship:

    With our ever-growing network of research partners, we can already afford to sponsor the stay and research of selected crew members. For 2020 Spring Campaign we plan on giving out 6 scholarships:

    • 3 covering 100% costs of the participation,
    • 3 covering 50% costs of the participation.

    The beneficiaries will be selected after the crew selection process.

    This is to ensure the best quality of the candidates that are dedicated to the mission even if not selected for the scholarship.

    In order to apply aside from the crew call form, you will be asked to fill a research proposal form. Our team will find proposals that in our opinion fit best our research and promotional strategies. It could be either a research or an outreach proposal.


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