Campaign 2022 – 2023 + ICAres-2 Project

LunAres Research Campaign 2022-23

LunAres Missions
Missions organized with our long-term research partners.
ICAres-2 Project
Serie of missions with a disabled crew member on board.

Parastronaut Analog Missions

Continuation of the successful ICAres-1 mission, which was the first analog mission with a disabled person on-board. The project was coordinated by dr n med. Aleksander Waśniowski - flight surgeon and medical researcher of LunAres.
Prepartion for a mission scenario with an accident onboard happening before the mission. The more sustained and common human presence in space, the greater the requirement for readiness of procedures and operation for an emergency scenario.
Collaboration with a great, local institutions supporting disabled people activity- e.x. HSA association organizing events and courses using diving platform. Preparing LunAres interior design according to accessibility strategy and space missions aspects.
Project funded from EEA and Norway Grant, done in collaboration with the city of Piła. Another part of the project is the development of Education Centre for Children and Youth expanding the possibilities of LunAres operation.
To learn more about the LunAres approach for human factors studies - check the conference paper from the 72ND INTERNATIONAL ASTRONAUTICAL CONGRESS (IAC 2021) in Dubai.