Mission proposal

Mission Campaign 2020-2021

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You can ask us for any date – including planned missions – we will check if the date is possible

  • Even if you have selected crew all of you need to pass our medical check-ups
  • During the mission you will be under the supervision of Lunares Flight Surgeon
  • After sending the form you will be contacted by Lunares employee to discuss the service – the price of the mission will be agreed upon.
  • Price can change if you agree to participate in one of your long term studies – that is is said the study does not interfere with our mission studies.
  • Check proposed mission dates - you can ask for already planned mission date as well as ask to create a new one.

Timeline for organizing a mission:

LunAres Partnership Programm:

Your institution can join our Partnership Program and join our research network. For first-time-partners, we propose a collaboration that is the risk-free and cost-effective way of starting working together. The collaboration in organizing a particular mission translates to:

  • one sponsored crewmember or reduced price for a group of participants,
  • partners proposals for experiments and studies for a string of missions,
  • mutual promotion on social-media as LunAres partner.

Further collaboration can expand in scope and forms. We are interested in a long-term collaboration that may result in research funding opportunities and integration of international efforts in analog studies. Let’s work together.

    email us at info@lunares.space

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