The Lunares research base enables the organization of analog missions for 6 people. The Scientific Council of the Base is open to all scientific and research cooperation with interested external partners. Apart from isolation, Habitat provides a range of technologies that enable conducting research at the highest level. It allows you to work and live using residential modules, kitchen, hygienic module, office and laboratories. Analog astronauts can get to the atomic shelter, where there is an EVA area of ​​250 square meters and 400 tons of basalt. The Base allows for conducting detailed telemetry of crew members, cooperation with our medical officers and psychologists. The habitat's equipment includes rovers, EVA suits, laboratories, 3D printer, aeroponic systems and several types of bioreactors.
Feel free to contact us regarding:
  • Scientific cooperation
  • Conducting the Analog Mission in the Lunares Habitat
  • Test your technology during a mission in the Lunares habitat
  • Conducting research in the field of human factors, and human-robot cooperation


Your employees on a space training mission - for business. Teamwork is the key to the good operation of the company, but many employees roll their eyes when they hear about further training. Therefore, do not send them to team training, but for a training mission. At Lunares, we organize fictionalized training missions whose action takes place on the Moon or Mars. There are a lot of practical situations in them that help to test and develop the skills of the participants. A professional trainer takes care of the evaluation of exercises and feedback for your employees.


Comprehensive trainings and consultations addressed to student teams attending in competitions and research programmes in the field of aerospace broadly defined. Individualized workshops will help you prepare reliable electronic circuits in your Mars rover or other student project, you will learn how to properly carry out the technical documentation of your space experiment - this and many more will take place in our Base, where you can take a walk around the surface of Mars and the Moon. Create a better team and increase its qualifications under the guidance of qualified tutors involved in the scientific development of the habitat. Details of the offer can be found in the link below: