Scientific offer

Scientiffic offer:

Lunares Research Station allows for conducting a wide range of studies in an isolated environment. Together with our partners, we received the consent of the bioethical council for medical and psychological studies in isolation. Furthermore, we can offer well-equipped labs and workshops along with robotic rover and 200m2 Mars-yard. Lunares allows for in-depth studies in controlled conditions. Learn more about Lunares here (link do about Lunares)

Learn about future missions at Mission Call section – here!

There are several ways to get involved:

  1. Be a crew member – learn all about it in Mission Call and Crew Selection Form – also ask questions at!
  2. Propose a Research – we are looking for clients interested in conducting studies during isolation mission and also for long term partnerships. Check research proposal form here.
  3. Organize a mission – organize your own mission in our facility – we will help you in organizing your research and provide you and your team with medical supervision

Propose a research:

Start doing science with Lunares Research Station. Propose your research and consult it with our science team. Lunares is a private facility and we are seeking either long term partners for research grants and programs or paying clients for conducting studies during isolation missions.

If you are planning:

  • Psychological studies
  • Medical studies
  • Biological studies
  • Botanical studies
  • Robotic Agent studies
  • EVA studies
  • Procedures studies
  • Human Factor studies
  • Ergonomic studies
  • And more…

Organize a Mission:

If you are planning on organizing your own mission with your own research and crew we can help you a great deal. If you are planning on using Lunares you will be presented with mission timeline, medical staff for the mission duration and ground support. Our Flight Surgeon involvement is mandatory but it won’t interfere with your studies unless there will be against Rules of using Lunares (click here)

Below you can see timeline overview of what mission preparation may look like. If you have mission proposal in mind please contact us directly at or mission proposal form - here.