Mission Call

We invite you to get familiar with our missions timeline for years 2019-2021. It is a simple roadmap indicating our plans for the future. Please keep in mind that exact dates and mission durations can change as time passes and plans begin to take shape. Either way feel free to ask us questions, consider doing long time studies with us or get involved in future missions.

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Or ask us directly at: info@lunares.space

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Mission preparation timeline:

Regardless if you are a crew candidate, collaborating researcher or planning your own mission timeframe is fairly similar.

  • First there is a mission proposal where we seek crew and potential research clients.
  • Second, the stage is mission preparation when the mission plan is created. At this stage crew is selected and asked to provide us with medical data. Also at this stage all research proposals are reviewed.
  • On-site preparation is when our teams prepare Lunares for specific studies and crew. At this stage, we are preparing equipment, double check procedures and finalize mission plan
  • Mission starts with crew training and pre-flight medical check. After that mission starts
  • After the mission our teams will help researchers secure their data and recover any equipment that was sent to Lunares for this particular mission.

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