Embry-Riddle (2018)
21 April 2018
Lunar Expedition 1
27 May 2017
The main purpose of the 2nd mission was to test how a disabled person would perform daily duties related to the work of an astronaut. The mission's effect allowed for streamlining the procedures and scenarios of proceedings in case of a critical accident in a real base. The second challenge was to test biological rhythms and measure the negative effects associated with the lack of access to natural lighting during the astronaut's work.
2 weeks

  • Christiane Heinicke – (Germany) Commander
  • Matt Harasymczuk – (Poland) XO – Executive Office, Biosystems Engineer
  • Lucie Poulet – (France) Chief Engineer
  • Zuzanna Sobiak – (Poland) Chief Medical Officer
  • Marcin Kaczmarzyk – (Poland) Structural Material Scientist
  • Szczepan Rubczyński – (Poland) Chief Safety Officer
  • Mission control: ESA ESTEC and Ventriculus Medical Center
Aleksander Waśniowski (MD) and Laboratory of Extreme Medicine (LEM) – Poznan University of Medical Sciences.