Lunares Research Station (LRS) if capable of conducting research related to broadly understood isolation themes. LRS is unique facility, providing completely isolation and control of intern conditions. LRS focus on experiments, correlated with following research fields:

  • human space flight- focused on isolation study and its influence on human behaviour. Themes of experiments are proposed by psychologist, who provide care for the crew, during whole mission. Isolation study includes also dissection of behaviors of crucial organisms, for human kind like bees, under stress conditions. Current situation with COVID-19 pandemic, contributed to new research possibilities - isolation impact on the society.
  • sustainable architecture - design and implementation of off-grid architecture, with emphasis putted on ecological aspects of buildings, and renewable sources utilisation
  • sustainable development - LRS operating mode, create perfect research area for experiments, correlated with circular economy. LRS is equipped with facilities, dedicated to sustainable development study, such as hydroponic station, grey water installation.

We cooperate with leading scientific centres from Poland, providing us with bioethics committee permissions. Results of experiments, conducted in LRS are published on international conferences and in scientific journals. Check our research and publication summary.