About Habitat

The Habitat

The Lunares Research Station is a specialized facility for simulating manned space missions on the Moon and Mars. Lunares was created in 2017 by Space Garden and is the only facility of this type in Europe. We conduct research in the field of human factors psychology during manned space flights and tests of modern technologies, not only from the space sector. The facility is completely isolated from the external environment, including 250 square meters of space for space walks. The infrastructure of the base allows for continuous monitoring of health, residents' behaviour and full immersion during simulated manned missions. The Lunares base is a unique facility, with measurable benefits for both scientific entities and the business world.
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The Infrastructure

Our station consist of two areas: the Habitat and EVA. Key feature of the Lunares Research Station, which distinguishes us from others is the extravehicular activity terrain simulating space environment using simulated regolith. It is build inside a nuclear bunker hangar used to store SU-22 fighter-bomber ready for takeoff The EVA terrain is connected to rest of the habitat via airlock. The airlock is used by astronauts to transfer in and out of the habitat.
Habitat visualisation

  • BioLab Module - used to perform chemical and biological experiments as well as being used to grow different kinds of food using hydroponic and aeroponic installations
  • Operations Module - office workspace with a place for each astronaut
  • Dormitory Module - 6 beds equipped with fans and USB hubs, where astronauts can take a rest
  • Kitchen Module - module where astronauts store, prepare and consume meals. Equipped with basic household articles.
  • Analytical-Workshop Module - it contains the necessary tool for minor repairs, a 3D printer and measuring devices
  • Storage-Training Module - here are stored spare parts or equipment rarely used. Astronauts will also find a place and machines to perform physical exercises, here
  • Hygiene Module - showers, toilets, washbasins