Mission Campaign 2024

Each mission in 2023 is a unique research scope and scenario. More info after application and interview. We will contact you up to 3 weeks after your application.

Unique August Summer Analog Program [M7]

Don't miss out on the unique opportunity of the Summer Analog Program - intense 14 day isolation including training at the special price 1850€. For more information, contact us at

Minimal requirements:

  • age: 21-65 years
  • proficiency in english - near fluent
  • at least bachelor’s with experience

Important Skills and Experience:

  • Motivation
  • Academic research experience
  • Teamwork
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Problem-Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Physical Fitness
  • Operational Knowledge
  • Adaptability and Resilience

Participation offer and costs:

Participation in a mission costs 2600 euro.

Student discount:
Students below 25 years old can apply for a special offer - 2300 Euro price of the mission and research participation. The discount is available to the young engineers, researchers, scientists who can realize a research project during a mission, using the station infrastructure and mission conditions. You can find more information about the mission logistics in LunAres Candidate KIT.


  • isolation missions are 19 days long (4 days of pre-flight, 14 days of isolation, 1 day of post-flight)
  • participation costs 2600 euro per crew member (check the student discount offer)
  • you may be asked to change your diet habits for the mission - your diet will be consulted with you
  • We do not select people with any kind of phobias (i.e. claustrophobia etc.)
  • LunAres is not responsible for flights or travel logistics and those expenses. It is recommended for the participants to purchase travel insurance which allows for travel cancelling or dates change.
  • VISA:
    The visa should be granted at least 3 weeks before the mission.
    IMPORTANT: Participants that need a visa to enter Poland are required to check and send to us information about visa process and how long does it take to receive a visa after submitting the application before attending LunAres interview. Please contact the Polish Embassy in your country for all required information and visa process timeline.
    More information about visa you will find under these links:
  • all research conducted on crews are first accepted by our partner’s bioethics committee - ask us for your research approval of the bioethics committee by Research Proposal Form
  • your communication with close ones and colleagues will be limited to emails and telecoms - phones are not allowed during the mission
  • during isolation you will be provided with a research schedule of the day - there is a free-time when you can attend your personal matters
  • during isolation mission 1-2 hours of sports daily are mandatory
  • Lunares Space