Endymion (2019)

Inauguration Mission 2019
4 April 2019
2 weeks

  • Leszek Orzechowski – (Poland) - Commander
  • Augoustinos Pantazidis – (Greece) – Executive Office, Biosystems Engineer
  • Amanda Solaniuk – (Poland) - Biomedical Engineer
  • Kevin Rebelo – (Canada, Portugal) - Outreach
  • Aleksander Bojda – (Poland) - Robotic Engineer
  • Agata Mintus – (Poland) Material Engineer
Mission control:
Space is More
Space Garden Sp. z o.o., Space is More Sp. z o.o.
Honorary Patronage:
POLSA - Polish Space Agency

Endymion mission scenario was set on the Lunar surface. The main objective, was to perform psychological and medical studies on the crew members, in order to determine the impact of isolation, routines and limited supplies on health and well-being. The research was done in collaboration with the PUM (Pomeranian Medical University) and "Ventriculus" Medical Centre in city Leszno. Before and after the mission, the crew was medically and psychologically tested to determine the states of dental hygiene, MRI scans and cognitive tests.

Additionally, in similar isolated conditions, the behaviour of beehive was studied with a machine learning algorithm system. It could be used as a model for studying and prediction of the behaviour of big isolated human communities. The beehive controlled group for comparisons was functioning in the open-air conditions.

During the mission, the crew was performing several EVA "Moon walks" to expand and improve the procedures determined by the previous mission crews. Moreover, design and prototyping of EVA tools and accessories for the use of LunAres Station were included to ease the performance of astronauts during the EVA. The station tested also new rover LEO.