PANDA Mission – M01_Q1.21

Orpheus Mission – M02_Q1.21
1 March 2021
Endymion (2019)
20 April 2020
Mission Duration:
2 weeks

  • Lef Karagiannis – (Greece) - Commander/Engineering Support
  • Wiktoria Dziaduła – (Poland) – Data Officer/Media Officer
  • Barbara Gronwald – (Poland) - Medical Officer/Data Support
  • Piotr Skonieczka – (Poland) - Software Engineer
  • Leszek Orzechowski – (Poland) - Habitat Specialist

Mission control:
Space is More
  • Leszek Orzechowski
  • Agata Mintus
  • Natalia Ćwilichowska

Space Garden Sp. z o.o., Space is More Sp. z o.o.
Honorary Patronage:
Honorowy Patronat Ministra Zdrowia
Pandemic Isolation Campaign
Research Partners:
  • Pomeranian Medical University (PUM)
  • Silesian University of Technology, Uczelnia Badawcza - Inicjatywa Doskonałości

  • Mission description

    PANDA Mission was one of the simulations conducted as part of the Pandemic Isolation Campaign. The main objective was to study the impact of isolation on psychological and physical health. With the interior environment and mission schedule planned and monitored - the big data gathered during the whole Campaign can be compared. One of the research partners - Pomeranian Medical University (PUM), was conducting an experiment on the impact of the mission conditions (diet, routine, stress) on the stomatological state and oral hygiene of the crew. Another academic institution - the Silesian University of Technology was researching the mission factors on the human motor system. The psychological aspects were observed by a group of psychologists analyzing the stress, creativity and group dynamics during the mission.

    The LunAres Research Station is gathering various data regarding the conditions during the mission and schedule of the crew. The controlled environment of the station allows for long-term studies and various data compilation from the whole Campaign. During the PANDA mission, the development and data management for future LunAres Missions was planned and tested.

    The crew was responsible for conducting onboard individual experiments or studies prepared by the researchers and LunAres. The station is equipped with space and tools for prototyping activity, used by the crew to create accessories for EVA or other experiments. During the mission, the participants are monitoring and reporting the usage of resources as part of the LunAres research. The crew was additionally responsible for the growth and maintenance of hydroponic and aeroponic plant cultivation.


    Panda Mission crew, ©Panda Crew

    PANDA Mission – M01_Q1.21

    Crews and organization team

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