Embry-Riddle (2018)
21 April 2018
Poland Mars Analogue Simulation 2017 (PMAS’17)
10 August 2017
Mission duration:
2 weeks

  • Christiane Heinicke – (Germany) Commander
  • Matt Harasymczuk – (Poland) XO – Executive Office, Biosystems Engineer
  • Lucie Poulet – (France) Chief Engineer
  • Zuzanna Sobiak – (Poland) Chief Medical Officer
  • Marcin Kaczmarzyk – (Poland) Structural Material Scientist
  • Szczepan Rubczyński – (Poland) Chief Safety Officer
  • Mission control: ESA ESTEC and Ventriculus Medical Center
Aleksander Waśniowski (MD) and Laboratory of Extreme Medicine (LEM) – Poznan University of Medical Sciences.
The main goal of the third mission was to test how a disabled person would perform the daily duties related to the work of an astronaut. The effect of the mission allowed for the improvement of procedures and scenarios of proceedings in the event of a critical accident in a real station. The second challenge was to conduct biological rhythm tests and to measure the negative effects associated with the lack of access to natural light during the astronaut's work.
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