L.E.A.R.N Mission (2018)

ARES-III Mission (2018)
20 June 2018
Embry-Riddle (2018)
21 April 2018
Mission duration:
2 weeks

  • Joanna Jurga – (Polska) - Commander
  • Matej Poliacek – (Słowacja) – Data Officer
  • Jekaterina Timohhina – (Estonia) - Crew Medical Officer
  • Jacob Smith – (UK) - Communication Officer
  • Kamil Kosko – (Polska) - Vice Commander

  • Mission Control:
    Space Garden
    Space Garden Sp. z o.o., Space is More Sp. z o.o.

    The LEARN (Lunar Exploration Activities and Remote Navigation) mission was planned as a mission in Tycho Crater on the lunar surface. One of the main tasks was to continue the medical and biological research carried out in previous scenarios in order to obtain big data on the effects of certain isolation factors and mission conditions on the mental and health status of the team. Medical tests were conducted in cooperation with PUM (Pomeranian Medical University). Every day, a medical check on oral hygiene and hearing was performed. Additionally, the psychological research conducted by UN / SAFE was aimed at examining the feeling of safety during isolation. The crew performed cognitive tests and completed POMS (Profile of Mood States) questionnaires determining their mental state.

    In addition, the mission focused on the research and development of remote control and tele-operations on EVA 'moon walks'. For this purpose, a simulation of the inspection of the COAST and PIRATE telescopes located in Tenerife from the surface of the moon was carried out. Additionally, the steering performance of the rover in various control modes has been tested, giving us a lot of feedback on how to improve the functionality of our equipment. Tele-robotic operations were supported by the control centre at ESTEC.

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