L.E.A.R.N Mission (2018)

Spectra Mission (2018)
20 August 2018
Embry-Riddle (2018)
21 April 2018
2 weeks

  • Joanna Jurga – (Poland) - Commander
  • Matej Poliacek – (Slovakia) – Data Officer
  • Jekaterina Timohhina – (Estonia) - Crew Medical Officer
  • Jacob Smith – (UK) - Communication Officer
  • Kamil Kosko – (Poland) - Vice Commander

  • Mission control:
    Space Garden
    Space Garden Sp. z o.o., Space is More Sp. z o.o.

    The LEARN (Lunar Exploration Activities and Remote Navigation) mission’s scenario was set in Tycho Crater, on the Lunar Surface. One of the objectives of the mission were the medical and biological studies collecting big data over the scientific season of multiple missions in 2018. The medical checks were conducted each day on the crew members to determine the impact of isolation and mission conditions on the health and psychological state. The medical experiments were done in collaboration with PUM (Pomeranian Medical University). Each day, the med-checks of dental hygiene and hearing were conducted. Additionally, there was the UN/SAFE psychological research performed, which was studying the way of achieving a sense of security in an isolated environment. The crew was doing cognitive function stress tests and POMS (Profile of Mood States) questionnaires.

    Moreover, multiple remote operating tasks and studies were performed during EVA and by simulating the remote control form the Moon, of COAST and PIRATE telescopes based on Tenerife. The performance of the rover was assessed by operating it with different modes of supervision, which resulted in the conclusions on expansion of its functionality for future missions. The telerobotic operations were supported by the ESTEC control centre.

    If you want to read more about the experiments conducted by the crew and their experience inside the LunAres, please check the mission website.