ARES-III Mission (2018)

Spectra Mission (2018)
27 July 2018
L.E.A.R.N Mission (2018)
20 May 2018
Mission Duration:
2 weeks

  • Angelique van Ombergen – (Belgium) - Commander
  • Patrick Fleith – (France) – ECLSS Officer
  • Simon Bouriat – (France) - Data Officer
  • Jinjin Zhao – (China) - Vice Commander
  • Jan Krowiranda – (Poland) - Communication Officer
  • Agnieszka Elwartowska – (Poland) Medical Officer
Mission Control:
Space is More, Space Garden
Space Garden Sp. z o.o., Space is More Sp. z o.o.

ARES III mission was the third Martian simulation in our station. The crew was focused on biological and medical studies as well as improvement and research on astronauts performance during mission activities.

The impact of isolation and limitations of supplies on the crew members was measured and studied during the COGISO and SCK-CEN experiments. The investigation of cognitive and stress responses as well as physiological effects over the course of the mission was performed with the support of questionnaires and biological samples. The astronauts were determining the psychological state daily to compare it with the factors such as freeze-dried food diet, sport exercises type, mission-related activities. Another biological research was the MARK experiment, where the germination and early growth of cress under Blue and Red LED light was measured in two different sets of samples – Martian regolith simulant and Earth fertile soil.

Additionally, the crew was performing multiple EVA operations to improve the procedures and communication during the “space walks”. A complex terrain mapping, detailed EVA procedures instruction were one of the results of the studies. Likewise, the experiment TELEOP was determined to improve the performance. The observation and measurement of rover performance and stress during the operation activity was included in the research.

If you want to read more about the crew members and their achievements during the ARES III mission, please check the fb page.
One of the crew members, Patrick Fleith was recording and sharing their experience on multiple youtube videos.
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