Spectra Mission (2018)

Inauguration Mission 2019
4 April 2019
ARES-III Mission (2018)
20 June 2018
2 weeks

  • Dr. Sarah Jane Pell – (Australia) - Commander
  • Omar Samra – (Egypt) – Vice Commander
  • Andreea Rădulescu – (Canada/Romania) - Medical Officer
  • Dr. Sian Proctor – (USA) - Geoscientist
  • Jaden Hastings – (Australia) - Bioengineer
  • Mark Splittgerber – (Australia) Mission Specialist (VR)

  • Mission control:
    Space is More
    Space Garden Sp. z o.o., Space is More Sp. z o.o.

    SPECTRA uses the LunAres environment to simulate a mission in the fictional dark Leuwin Crater on the Moon in 2030. The scenario presents the mission as part of the program establishing communication and observation facilities, where the crew together with Lucy Electric experts collaborate on installing power to the station. The mission included a broad range of experiments regarding biological and living systems technology as well as studies on communication types and procedures. The focus was put on improving the performance of astronauts during EVA operations or accidental scenarios and during extra-terrestrial life activities. The operations were supported with the use of VR and live Moon-Earth-Moon transmission and embodied 360˚ EVA training. The mission scenario included two HCI (human-computer interaction) events: Loss of Power and Loss of Crew, which gave promising results and a great base for further research.

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