Inauguration Mission 2019

13 November 2019
Spectra Mission (2018)
27 July 2018

  • Joanna Jurga – (Poland) - Commander/designer
  • Joanna Kuźma – (Poland) – Chemical Engineer
  • Leszek Orzechowski – (Poland) - Architect/Media officer
  • Thomas van Caelenberg– (Belgium) - Psychologist
  • Mirosław Rajczyk – (Poland) - Computer scientist/EVA specialist
  • Mikołaj Matuszczak – (Poland) Medical Officer
Mission Control:
  • Space is More
  • dr med. Aleksander Waśniowski
  • dr Małgorzata Perycz
  • dr Anna Fogtman
  • Organizators:
    Space Garden Sp. z o.o., Space is More Sp. z o.o.

    The Inauguration Mission 2019 was focused on testing the habitat, its new equipment and mission protocols. Additionally, the medical, biological and psychological experiments were continued to gather big data. They were conducted with the support from Mission Control specialists, PUM (Pomeranian Medical University) and BioGen company.

    The new aeroponic unit was implemented to study the performance and maintenance instructions during a mission. The astronauts were asked to test the new rover LEO during the “moon walks” (EVA) and new exoskeleton suit PUMA, which simulates movement restrictions of astronauts in space. Likewise, the new system HabOS for monitoring and controlling indoor climate was being studied and developed to ease the access to data for astronauts and mission control. The crew was also analyzing the interior space, its functionality and design, to upgrade it in the future in terms of psychological positive impact.

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