Lunar Expedition 1

27 February 2018
Poland Mars Analogue Simulation 2017 (PMAS’17)
27 March 2017
The main purpose of the 3rd mission was to test how a disabled person would perform daily duties related to the work of an astronaut. The mission's effect allowed for streamlining the procedures and scenarios of proceedings in case of a critical accident in a real base. Another challenge was to test biological rhythms and measure the negative effects associated with the lack of access to natural lighting during the astronaut's work.
2 weeks

  • Piotr Konorski - Commander
  • Mariusz Słonina– Vice-commander & Media officer
  • Dorota Budzyń - Communication officer
  • Grzegorz Ambroszkiewiecz - Biomedical engineer
  • Joanna Kuźma – Astrobiologist
  • Matt Harasymczuk– Medical officer
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